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From SoCal USA

All happend at Penang - Local edited RC video clips

Penang MotoX 27/APR/08 Part 6 

Penang MotoX 20/APR/08 Part 5

Penang Gurney Plaza Fun Drift 06/APR/08

Penang MotoX 13/APR/08 Part 4

Penang MotoX 06/APR/08 Part 3

Penang MotoX 16/MAR/08 Part 2 

Penang MotoX 09/MAR/08 Part 1

Penang Gurney Plaza Fun Drift 20/JAN/08 

Penang Fun Drift part I - (group)

Penang Fun Drfit part II - Throttle kicked drift (solo)

Gertak Sanggul 18/NOV/07 Part 1

 Hyper 8 solo bashed

Gertak Sanggul 18/NOV/07 Extra

Gertak Sanggul 25/NOV/07 part 3

Gertak Sanggul 25/NOV/07 part 4 
Gertak Sanggul 01/DEC/07 part 5

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