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How To Remove Paint From a Shell

Its pretty simple- buy some DOT3 brake fluid, grab a container large enough to hold your body, and round up some paper towels (I think Aries suggested the paper towels- it works very well!). Place the body in the container and pour some brake fluid in to coat the body. Next wad up a couple paper towels, soak them in the fluid, and place them in the body so that they contact most of the painted surfaces. Pour a little more brake fluid in for good measure, and go watch the Speed Channel for 15-20min. When you get back, the paint should be soft enough to scrape away with the paper towel. Rinse it every now and then with warm water to clean the loose paint away, and resoak the body with brake fluid to continue. The results are amazing, and the body didn't cloud or scratch. some of the pics look like the body is cloudy, but thats because the overspray film is still on the car- 

The finished product back to new condition...

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