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Titanium Coating Effect

It is super simple and doen't take special tools or paints.  It may not look quite right when you are going through the process, but once your finished it looks pretty good.
Here is what the Rays Engineering real Ti Coating looks like on a Gram Light wheel.

And here is hopefully what it will look like once its done. 

Here's the best part, basically it's just done with Shapie Permanent Markers and a towel to smear the ink.  (Yellow, Red, & Blue - Fine Point) 

Start with the lightest color first, so you don't mess up your Yellow marker.
Randomly mark the wheel (how much or little is up to you, this yellow will eventually make greens and oranges) 

Then on fresh parts and overlapping some yellow use the Red marker. 

The important part here is to use a dry towel to smear the Red and Yellow.
This will give you a better random effect. 

Now here is the real trick, your last color Blue, needs to be an old dry Blue marker, so it will add some color, but it will also smear and blend the Red and Yellow.   

Then once again smear the colors with your towel.  And repeat with the Blue until you get what you are looking for. 

It should then look something like this... 

It also works good on other chrome items to give that Titanium look.
Here is a Yokomo muffler that I first gave a quick spray of Tamiya Smoke, then with the same sharpie marker process. 


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